Gayo people and the Palm Civet

In the far north of Sumatra, the Gayo people spend their days looking after and gathering the most exclusive of coffees: the Kopi Luwak, a variety of coffee obtained from the palm civet’s digestion of the palm tree beans it eats at night. This nocturnal spectre, which the Gayo never actually get to see, provides them with a luxury product made from the defecation found scattered along the vast plantations. It reaches up to 80 dollars a cup in the USA. While many attempt to make a profit by cramming the civets into cages, Hardniknas and his son Sadri continue to gather the Kopi Luwak in a sustainable manner - only from wild free-range civets.


“I feel sad if I see a caged civet. Imagine ourselves in a cage. How would we feel? I feel honored to be a wild Kopi Luwak collector.”