Since I was a child my passion for biodiversity and indigenous communities has led me to seek out stories that portray the most remarkable links between humans and wild nature.

I direct documentaries on Anthropology, conservation and nature, driven by the need to immortalise worlds that are disappearing. Worlds that can’t get on the train to modernity and their struggle to remain unspoiled

An insatiable desire to learn has driven me to explore the 5 continents and live with some of the remotest tribes on our planet. Among these are the Awá of the Brazilian Amazon, the Dukha of the Mongolian Taiga, the Mundari of Southern Sudan and the Toda of India. It would take several lives to explain in detail the feelings these trips to the past evoke.

Through the lens I document the legacy of those who, on the backs of their cultures and commitment to caring for biodiversity, have become the custodians of our most threatened ecosystems. Survivors of “progress” and anonymous heroes in times where human role models are scarce.

For the day will come when we will have to rediscover the origins of who we are, in order to give our planet’s future a second chance.